Airlines and Essential Oils

For those of us who may only travel once or twice a year by way of the airlines, it may be difficult or a bit of a pain to relearn the carry-on/checked baggage rules of the the TSA. This only gets more complicated when you love your essential oils and can’t decide which to bring, how many, or how to pack them.

Here’s the rule of thumb: Liquids (as well as gels and aerosols) are generally permitted in carry-on bags in amounts of 3.4 oz or less per container, stored in a 1qt ziplock bag, with one of these bags per passenger. This bag should be easily accessible in the carry on, as TSA officers will require that it be placed in a bin during the security screening. Any other liquids in quantities of more than 3.4 oz should be placed securely in the checked baggage. Here’s a great graphic by the TSA that makes the decision a little more simple.

Also, here’s a great TSA link to check out. It has an A to Z list of all of the possible items one might bring onto a airplane and the guidelines for packing them… or for that matter, not bringing them at all because they are not permitted.

So, now that I’m sure I can bring my oils, the big question is: Christine, do you really need every oil you own? Well, if you mean NEED, then no. But truth be told, I really WANT to bring all of them. Here is what I decided to pack:

Lavender (no doubt): this is such a versatile oil that it has to be packed. Good for burns (including sunburn), inflammation, relaxation, sleep.

Peppermint: Peppermint is a cooling oil and can be added to FCO and applied to skin to induce cooling, food for fevers, headache, motion sickness, tummy upset (add a drop to herbal tea)

Melaleuca: melaleuca is a powerful antiseptic… good for cleaning scrapes and scratches. It can also be used in disinfectant sprays. Its excellent acne, add to your shampoo to improve the condition of your scalp. It also has anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

OnGuard: This is a wonderful protective blend that can boost your immunity. This is something I have always felt like I needed before and during travel.

Roll ons: Because I don’t use chemical perfumes, I’d be lost without my rollerballs. My favorites are Motvation, Cheer, Neroli, and Jasmine.

Traveling is a lot of fun and you can bring your oils with you. Be safe.


Please note that I’m a teacher not a doctor and as such, this information is not intended to replace sound medical advice.  Please see a physician should you have medical concerns.

Would you like more information about how essential oils can help make your travels more comfortable?

Relieve Restlessness Leg Syndrome

Over the years, my restless legs syndrome has gotten worse so that it’s just not at night. It affects car rides, sitting in classes or meetings, and even if I fall asleep anytime during the day. 😣

I’m super tired of medication for everything, so I decided to try my oils (honestly, not expecting anything bc at the time I felt so defeated).


As with any remedy, you must use it for it to work, but when I do… NOT a single twitch, jump, or need to shake or constantly move my legs.😃


🌿Here’s what I did:🌿

2.4 oz unscented lotion (Right now I’m using a commercial brand, but I plan on making my own next time)
40 drops Frankincense
10 drops Copaiba

Combine well and place in a travel squeeze bottle. I do recommend a small glass pump bottle rather than the one pictured here. Essential oils can break down plastic allowing the chemicals to leach into the mixture.

Use: I’ve been massaging this lotion onto the bottom of my feet at night…sometimes before bed, sometimes when I sit down to relax. A-MAZ-ING!

If you’d like more information about other ways I use Frank and Copaiba fill in the form below.

Reuse Empty Essential Oil Bottles

They’re cute. So perfect. They fit in the palm of our hand and they feel oh, so good there. They are the vessels of wellness; and in their time of need, we don’t want to just throw them out. So… what then?

Dramatic? Maybe. But I know, deep down, you feel the same way. Here are some ideas for reusing your treasured essential oil bottles.

For the ideas directly below, do not wash the bottles:

  • If you’re anything like me, you love sharing a good thing. Use the last drops in your bottles to share with your friends!
  • Take the lid off and set your favorite one in the corner of your dresser drawer or shelf of your closet.
  • Place an empty Purify or Lemon in the bottom of the garbage can.
  • Leave one in the side of your car door. Oooh, lavender or Citrus Bliss
  • Fill a squat mason jar with epsom salt and bury your empties in the jar. The salts will absorb the oils and then the salt will make an excellent detox bath.

For the rest of the list, you want to wash your bottles first. Use water and a tad of Castile soap. Then, to remove strong scents, fill the bottle with baking soda and allow to sit overnight, rinsing out in the morning.

  1. Use it as a mini-vase for those tiny blue bells and wild orchids. This is also a good vase for those little picked “flowers” that our toddlers bring to use.
  2. Use this clean amber bottle as a container for new blends that you love instead of buying new empty bottles.
  3. Use a couple for portable Fractionated Coconut Oil. This is always good to have with you in case you need to dilute on the spot or you’ve used a hot oil that needs dilution. NOTE: never use water to dilute a hot oil if you experience too much heat or burning. Oil and water do not mix and so the water will simply make it worse. FCO will dilute the essential oil.
  4. Turn clean bottles into a portable bug repellent spray or roll-on. Mix up several and keep them in the diaper bag, purse, backpack, sport equipment bag… You can purchase rollerballs and spray tops here and find bug repellent recipes here.
  5. I’ve heard that some people use them to start their seedlings. I think you must have to keep an eye on them so they can be transferred before the roots are too much for the bottle.

Do you have any other ideas for reusing your essential oil bottles? I’d love to hear about them. Please, share them in the comments so others can benefit from your ideas.

Until next time, take the Small Steps…they get you there too and you can enjoy the journey.


P.S. If you’d like more information on getting started on your own wellness journey with essential oils, let me know by filling out the form below: