My Favorite Ways to Avoid Burnout

Teachers, nurses, and, well frankly anyone in a helping field of work, including parenting tend to take care of others first and ourselves rarely. We often drain ourselves and spend the weekends trying to catch up, be with our family, and be with ourselves. All of this while the demands of work are increased through legislation, cutbacks, etc.

We love what we do. We are good at it. It’s why we made the choice to do it. Most of the time we immerse ourselves in it because it fills our hearts while it drains the rest of us. AND we want to continue to have the impact we have on people.

I once heard a reading of a children’s book about bucket fillers. When we have an emotionally, physically, and spiritually full bucket we are able to give to others. If we don’t refill that bucket in some way, it becomes empty, and we begin to wear on ourselves while giving to others. This results in stress, grouchiness, burn out, lower immunity, illness, and worse if allowed to xontinue.

Thank goodness there are nourishing ways to refill our buckets that don’t require a lot of money and time. Here fu are some of my favorites:

  • Enjoy a hobby – find something you can absolutely get lost in, where you don’t notice time passing. Give

yourself permission to do it. For me it’s macro photography. Admittedly, it’s a three season hobby, but when it’s me, the camera and the flower I think of nothing else.

  • Create a safe haven – it doesn’t matter where, but it must be a no work, no stress zone. Maybe you diffuse oils or burn incense. Spoilyourself with beauty and peace and nice lighting and scents and things that make your soul feel alive.
  • Bathe – no, don’t clean. Indulge in a luxurious silky bath with lighting and maybe a book. No time for bath? Make some lavender salts and enjoy a warm foot soak and a glass of your favorite wine.
  • Walk – take a short walk and absorb the sunlight. This is not a power walk, my sweet soul, this is a walk that feeds you. Open your arms and turn your face to the sun. This is a good on for a lunchtime.
  • Speaking of lunch, start taking it – you need the break and the nourishment. Leave your work space and eat.
  • Gather with friends – laugh, talk, blow off steam. These people get you…you offer each other mutual support and acceptance.

With these small steps you can take care of yourself and fill your own bucket. Do you have a favorite bucket filling idea? Please comment and let us know.

Hugs and love,